Helicopter takes off for Rain Forest Adventure

The heavy-duty helicopter delivers a load of concrete to the summit of Sentry Hill.

CUL DE SAC–The Rain Forest Adventure project in Emilio Wilson Park started a new phase on Saturday when a heavy-duty helicopter flown in from Atlanta, Georgia, started to deliver about 156 cubic yards of concrete on the summit of Sentry Hill for the construction of the ski lift and zip-line attractions.

  The lift system will be supported by 15 towers, the foundations for which are under construction.

Over 50,000 pounds of steel rebar has been carried from the top transfer station to the summit by some 20 workers for the foundations and on Saturday the helicopter started to pour concrete on the mountain, which needs three days to cure.  Then it will take another eight days of flying ski-lift parts, the giant Bull-wheels, steel and lumber up the mountain.

  Each chair on the ski lift carries four passengers and 1,000 people per hour can be transported.

Lift number one is 790 metres in length with a vertical rise of 251 metres and lift number two 138 metres with vertical rise to 196 metres.

The Flying Dutchman zip-line is 780 metres in length, a drop of 300 metres, and will be the steepest in the world with a 41.5 per cent slope. Initially it will start as four zip-lines in one but has the capacity to be increased to eight if demand warrants it. For the less brave, family-friendly, low elevation zip-lines will also be available. The Rain Forest Adventure project is on track for an opening in June/July 2017.

The first load of concrete for the ski lift and zip-line attractions of the Rain Forest Adventure project is ready to be lifted at Emilio Wilson Park on Saturday morning.

Source: The Daily Herald https://www.thedailyherald.sx/islands/61400-helicopter-takes-off-for-rain-forest-adventure


  1. I understand that the helicopter is needed but a little consideration for peace and quiet in the weekends for residents can’t be that much to ask?