Helping Hands launches Backyard Garden project

COLE BAY–Helping Hands Foundation launched its Backyard Garden project in 2015, targeting mobile members who meet in the foundation’s weekly activity Outreach Team programme.

  Foundation Vice-President Felicia James said in a press conference on Monday that the Foundation realises that senior citizens have to set an example for the younger generation, and it encourages backyard gardening and restoring endangered and disappearing trees, plants and flora.

  “As the pillars of the community, we realize that the example needed to be firsthand set by us by inaugurating how our fore-parents used to eat what they grew. People of days gone by lived to great age and had no, or less, health issues than modern-day senior citizens.

  “In several of our weekly get-togethers, one of the topics was planting, raised and encouraged by Cimmaron Marlin. Joslyn Richardson, because of his vast knowledge, was approached and he was and is very instrumental in bringing the Backyard Garden project to reality,” said James.

  Helping Hands Foundation is a non-profit foundation founded on January 10, 1997, with the aim to enhance the wellbeing of and promote respect, acceptance and appreciation to stand up on behalf of senior citizens on the island. It assists senior citizens who need daily help in getting around to live a comfortable life. The staff promotes research about issues relevant to enhancing the wellbeing of senior citizens.

  Close to 30 members take part in the Backyard programme and the Foundation is looking to spread the seeds around and get more members on board to start backyard gardening.

  James continued, “The Foundation gives gratitude to all the contributors who helped in one way or the other before, during and are still doing so with the Backyard Gardening project. We are indebted to SXM-DOET organisers and volunteers who assisted us in making the boxes, safeguard the boxes with a special sealant, gave us discount coupons for different establishments. They gave us a monetary donation and distributed T-shirts and caps.”

  Richardson said it was high time Government supported this project. The programme gives seniors the opportunity to be a part of agriculture, and from seeing the reactions of the participants it was clear that it gave them a sense of pride to plant and be able to use those vegetables.

  Samenwerkende Fondsen contributed to the initial programme and the Foundation is seeking the assistance of the public for the continuation of project.

Source: Daily Herald
Helping Hands launches Backyard Garden project