Helping Hands receives donation from TelEm

PHILIPSBURG–Kind-hearted Helping Hands Foundation volunteers were recently on the receiving end of kindness when they were presented with a generous donation from TelEm Group to assist with repairs to their customised wheelchair bus for seniors.

The group appealed for help from TelEm Group so they could continue their daily transport of seniors and disabled persons to hospital, various clinics and pharmacies for medical supplies.

According to Foundation Treasurer John Hodge, the bus service was in danger of coming to a grinding halt because of failing parts of the group’s customised wheelchair bus.

“Because our bus has a lifting mechanism for the wheelchair-bound, it is in high demand and needs to be on the road,” explained Hodge.

He said he was most grateful to TelEm Group and other sponsors who have rallied around to help with the cost of providing replacement parts for the vehicle.

“Our seniors have contributed to this island through hard labour and they deserve all the help we can give them in their time of need,” said Hodge.

TelEm Group Senior Account Manager Lucrecia P. Lynch thanked the Foundation on behalf of seniors and the disabled for the work it is doing in the community.

“We were informed that amongst the persons you transport to the hospital each day are many dialysis patients who have come to depend on your service to safeguard their lives. For that and all the other work you do, we encourage you to continue aiding your community and much success,” said Lynch.

Source: The Daily Herald