Heyliger questions ‘demand’ to GEBE for NAf. 30 million

~ Marlin slams misinformation ~

PHILIPSBURG–Prime Minister William Marlin denounced on Sunday what he sees as misinformation again being peddled by United People’s (UP) party leader Member of Parliament (MP) Theo Heyliger, who is accusing Government of demanding funds from Government-owned utilities company GEBE to balance the draft 2016 budget.

Source: The Daily Herald Heyliger questions ‘demand’ to GEBE for NAf. 30 million


  1. Would be nice if TO would be so forthcoming about the waste to energy plant, it was afterall a campaign promise and was, according to him, a done deal. Just like the hospital.

    Wha happen Mr. 10%? Kickback to Panama account didn’t materialise??

  2. O now Theo opening his mouth but when the crooked waste to energy plant deal with Theo’s friends in Dom Rep / Haiti needs to be signed, Theo all hush hush.