Heyliger released with conditions | THE DAILY HERALD

CAY HILL–Suspended Member of Parliament (MP) Theodore Heyliger has been released from pre-trail detention due to his health condition on Tuesday evening. Heyliger is home with his family after word came from his lawyers that the appellate court agreed to reverse the recent decision to extend his detention by another 30 days.

The former MP has been a patient at St. Maarten Medical Center (SMMC) since May 9 and was transported there from Pointe Blanche prison due to his gout condition. Heyliger’s wife Grisha Heyliger-Martens informed The Daily Herald on Tuesday evening that guards moments after hearing the news of the court, left the hospital from guarding her husband. She then proceeded to carry Heyliger home and will work on further treatment of his health condition abroad.

Reports suggest that Heyliger had to give up his passport and can only travel for medical reasons and will also have to guarantee US $200,000-$300,000 bail as a condition of his release. This newspaper contacted TBO Spokesman Roderick Gouverneur for a statement from the Prosecutor about his release but was unable to give one up to late Tuesday evening.

Heyliger was arrested at his home on February 19. He was first held in the Philipsburg police station holding cells until he was transferred to facilities in Bonaire. A court battle ensued regarding his return home, which resulted in his detention at Pointe Blanche.

A tumour was found in the kidney of the suspended Member of Parliament and further tests are now needed to determine whether the growth is cancerous. The Appeals court heard the case behind closed doors on Tuesday afternoon, and three judges heard both the Prosecutor and Heyliger’s lawyers about suspending his pre-trail detention or not.

The Larimar trial is expected to begin on May 27 and the Catfish investigation trial on May 30. The ailing Heyliger, who was the highest vote-getter in St. Maarten’s last parliamentary election and the only MP to earn his seat outright to date.

Source: The Daily Herald https://www.thedailyherald.sx/islands/87685-heyliger-released-with-conditions