Hi-fiving the minister | THE DAILY HERALD

“I want to be a Minister so I can be kind to people and love the people and help everybody,” seven-year-old Ruby Labega Primary School pupil Randiel told Finance Minister Perry Geerlings when he asked the class about their future plans.

Geerlings was invited to speak as part of the school’s lessons on government including getting to know the Members of Parliament and ministers. Geerlings also read the book “A beautiful feast for a Big King cat” to pre-schoolers. The story dealt with bullying. Geerlings told pupils: “Everyone in the community has the opportunity to become leaders. …

A good leader takes care of their people. He said his role as minister is to guide the Finance Ministry, to ensure government has sufficient money to pay workers and for the general care of residents and infrastructural developments. Government gets money from businesses and the working population  in the form of taxes, he explained. Pupils presented Geerlings with a booklet of several signed drawings titled “Limited Edition from the Ruby Denise Labega Primary School.”

Source: The Daily Herald https://www.thedailyherald.sx/islands/85552-hi-fiving-the-minister