High 5 Shopping Mart starts donation drive for STENAPA | THE DAILY HERALD

A staff member of High 5 Shopping Mart and STENAPA’s education and outreach officer Achsah Mitchell posing with the donation box.

ST. EUSTATIUS–In support of the work of that St. Eustatius National Parks STENAPA is doing, the management of High 5 Shopping Mart has initiated a donation drive to encourage more people to support this worthy cause.

Store management has placed a donation box at the entrance in the hope that customers will contribute. High 5 management will also donate one dollar for every retail purchase of US $50 or more at the store.In setting an example, staff members took the first step to make their contributions, and so far they said they have already received “quite a lot” of support from the community. They thanked everyone for supporting the donation initiative and for shopping at High 5.STENAPA’s education and outreach officer Achsah Mitchell said STENAPA is “extremely grateful” for the support and “recognition” from High 5 Statia. “The nature foundation looks forward to continuing their work to serve the community and nature of Statia,” she said.

STENAPA will host the Kids Summer Club with a variety of nature-related activities starting today, Monday, and continuing for the next two weeks. The endangered Lesser Antillean iguana will also be featured and participating children will learn why conservation of Statia’s largest land animal is important.

Source: The Daily Herald https://www.thedailyherald.sx/islands/high-5-shopping-mart-starts-donation-drive-for-stenapa