High school party

Lycée and Collège students at Cité Scolaire Robert Weinum enjoyed a Christmas party on December 21, organised by Maison des Collègiens (MDC) and Conseil de Vie Lycéenne (CVL). The party had much variety from the singing of the St. Martin Song and Christmas Carols, to Caribbean music and rhythms. “It was a beautiful occasion for the students to show off their creativity and talent,” said Principal Marlène Borel. “There was dancing, singing, reciting of poetry, slam, hip hop and rap. The whole school community profited from this magnificent spectacle. A giant Zumba show was also animated by Romaric Benjamin.” Borel thanked Cité Scolaire partners for the loan of equipment, and thanked contributing artistes Kenyo Baly, Rumer, DJ King Kembe and DJ Siwroo.

Source: The Daily Herald https://www.thedailyherald.sx/islands/72269-high-school-party