Holiday appointed Medical Director

CAY HILL–The Supervisory Council of St. Maarten Medical Center (SMMC) appointed General Surgeon Dr. Felix Holiday to the Board of Directors last week. The Board now consists of two Directors: Kees Klarenbeek as General Director and Chairman of the Board of Directors, and Dr. Holiday, who will hold the position of Medical Director.

Dr. Holiday has been an asset to the medical field on the island as well as to SMMC. He has held several leadership functions over the years, including President of the Medical Staff, President of the Medical Specialists Association, Medical Supervisor of the Emergency Room, and most recently as Medical Coordinator of St. Maarten Medical Center. Currently, he is also President of the Mental Health Foundation Sint Maarten (MHF) Supervisory Council.

Dr. Holiday has been a general surgeon at SMMC for more than 10 years. He also is active as an educator on the island, supervises surgical rotation interns of VU Amsterdam at SMMC and is an Associate Professor of Doctor-Patient Skills and Introduction to Clinical Medicine at American University of Integrated Sciences (AUIS).

Dr. Holiday has shown his commitment to healthcare and the medical field on the island for a substantial number of years. “With the addition of Dr. Holiday as Medical Director to the Board of Directors, the management and staff of St. Maarten Medical Center will continue to work together in continuing to provide quality healthcare to the residents of St. Maarten, its visitors and residents of the neighbouring islands,” according to a press statement from the hospital on Sunday.

Source: The Daily Herald