Holiday starts consultations on formation of Government | THE DAILY HERALD

Governor Eugene Holiday.



~ Ministers’ positions made available ~


HARBOUR VIEW–Based on the preliminary results of Thursday’s snap parliamentary election, Governor Eugene Holiday started consultations with “various persons” on Friday to “gather information to decide on the process for the formation of a new government.”

  He will meet with the leaders of the political parties that obtained seats in Parliament (National Alliance, United People’s Party, United St. Maarten Party, Party for Progress, and United Democrats), as well as Chairperson of Parliament William Marlin, the vice chairperson of the Council of Advice and Chairperson of the Central Voting Bureau Jason Rogers, among others.

  The outcome of the election and consequences for the formation process for a new cabinet will be discussed during these meetings, Holiday said in a press release on Friday.

  He said Rogers had informed him on Friday about the proceedings of the January 9 parliamentary election. He also received the preliminary results of the election.

  Interim Prime Minister Silveria Jacobs, in view of the election, has made the portfolios of the Ministers and the Minister Plenipotentiary available.

  “The Governor informed the Prime Minister that he will take the resignations into consideration and requested the Ministers and the Minister Plenipotentiary to continue to handle the daily operations of government and to continue working with him in the interest of St. Maarten until a decision has been taken concerning the request for resignation,” it was stated in the release. 

Source: The Daily Herald