Hollywood Casino donates $3,000 to children’s association project | THE DAILY HERALD

Jump Up Casino Manager Roberto Legnaro (centre) presents the cheque to the Presidents of Association Mes Enfants de Saint-Martin Anton Strilcic (left, USA) and Paige Strilcic (right, St. Martin).

MARIGOT–Hollywood Casino in Pelican recently made a donation of US $3,000 to Association Mes Enfants de Saint-Martin to support the association’s current project “Christmas of the Heart 2019.”

The association, which also has a branch in the USA, followed up its nursery and primary school distributions by organising distributions in the most disadvantaged neighbourhoods of the island, a continuation of actions undertaken since Hurricane Irma. For 2019, focus has been on helping children in the French- and Dutch-side schools. Making Christmas a magical time for children has also been a priority.

“Going to meet the children and surprising them by arriving on a sleigh built by Goblin Momo, the other goblins, Santa Claus and Mother Christmas brought joy and smiles to the children and parents, and that brought a lot of pleasure to the association members this year,” said President of the St. Martin association Paige Strilcic.

“We would like to thank the Hollywood Casino for this donation which is a great help in preparing our ‘Christmas of the Heart’ project for the schools and poorer districts. The director of the casino is very sensitive to the welfare of children. We hope this beautiful gesture will be followed by others.”

Source: The Daily Herald https://www.thedailyherald.sx/islands/87361-hollywood-casino-donates-3-000-to-children-s-association-project