Hope Party officially confirms Jules Charville as Presidential candidate

MARIGOT–The Hope Party officially has confirmed the candidacy of Jules Charville for President of the Territorial Council of St. Martin at the elections on March 19 and 26, 2017.

“Initially a teacher and then a businessman for over 35 years, Jules Charville has been a Territorial Councillor since 2012,” Hope Party said in a release. “Having acquired solid business management experience Jules Charville is the candidate for an economic revival of St. Martin and he will be the embodiment of the high values Hope Party represents for the majority of St. Martiners.”

Charville, in his own words, said: “I propose to implement a new growth strategy. Of course, we must continue the recovery efforts on the budget of the Collectivité but entrepreneurial energy must also be liberated. One cannot develop a territory under austerity.

“Taxation weighs too heavily on businesses making it impossible to invest, modernise the way of working and hiring staff. A new political era is necessary in order to develop new strategies and to facilitate the development of new types of investment which will benefit the community,” he added.

“I propose, in my first year to ease taxes and businesses in trade and tourism, and other declining sectors such as agriculture and fishing, in order to encourage business leaders to invest, modernise, expand their business and hire staff, offering them a secure and safe tax environment.

“I will encourage new investments by creating a tax privilege attractive for big investors that will result in: stimulating recruitment, upgrading to digital technology and other solutions adapted to the needs of businesses today; fostering strong economic and trade partnerships with our neighbours on the Dutch side; reducing management costs of the island infrastructure, promoting organic development of the territory; creating new avenues of economic activity and finding new forms of funding necessary for the expenses of the Collectivité.

“I am the candidate for the Presidency of the Territorial Collectivité who wants to raise the economic dynamic, the purchasing power and employment in St. Martin.”

Source: The Daily Herald https://www.thedailyherald.sx/islands/63079-hope-party-officially-confirms-jules-charville-as-presidential-candidate