Host agreement signed for tourism studies conference | THE DAILY HERALD

The signing ceremony

WILLEMSTAD–A Host Agreement International Conference Tourism & Leisure Studies 2025 was signed by Common Ground Research Networks, Vice Chancellor of the University of Curaçao Francis de Lanoy, Minister of Economic Development MEO Ruisandro Cijntje (PNP) and Hugo Clarinda of the Curaçao Tourist Board (CTB).

  The gathering themed “Hospitality the Caribbean Way: Global Lessons from Local Experiences” will take place next year. It’s a scientific conference that the university will hold in collaboration with MEO and the CTB, aiming to contribute to matters that are important for further developing the hospitality industry on the island.

  The event is supervised and organised by a local committee consisting of two members from the Faculty of Social and Economic Sciences, two from MEO’s Innovation Department and two from CTB. This setup was chosen to ensure that the national interest of tourism development benefits from organising events in Curaçao as much as possible.

  Potential participants are not only scientists but also professionals from both the private- and public sectors. Topics such as carrying capacity, but also social sustainability of tourism are to be discussed, with the aim of keeping the destination’s economic growth alive.

  Attendees will also visit tourist attractions and share best practices.

Source: The Daily Herald