Hot N Spicy and French Quarter Collège best overall troupes in Carnival parades | THE DAILY HERALD

Carnival on the French side came to a close for 2019 on Wednesday night with a Last Lap Jump-Up and the traditional burning of King Momo on the Marigot waterfront around midnight. (FCDSM photo)


MARIGOT–French-side Carnival held under the slogan “We Culture, We Fete” is over for another year, culminating Wednesday night with the Last Lap Jump-Up and traditional Burning of King Momo on the waterfront.

  The hard-working carnival committee staged for the population and visitor’s enjoyment a Junior Queen pageant, Miss Carnival pageant, Children’s and Adult parades, live concerts, shows and nightly festivities in the Carnival Village.

  The Committee released on Thursday the official results for the parades. The following schools won Exceptional Prizes for the Children’s Parade (nine troupes participated):  Creative – Hervé Williams, Original – French Quarter Collège, Disciplined – French Quarter Collège, Costume – Hervé Williams, Energetic – Association Les Manguiers/Rhythm and Groove, and Colourful – Hervé Williams.

  In the Overall Troupes category, first place went to French Quarter College (244 points), second place to Hervé Williams (242 points), and third place to Association Les Manguiers (236 points).

  The Choreography competition saw first place go to Association Les Manguiers (196 points), second place to Emile Choisy (185 points) and third place to Marie Amélie Leydet (184 points).

  The Individual Costume Competition was held on Saturday night. First place went to Queen of the Tribe presented by Carlisha Philips (330 Points), second place to Venise Mas Extravaganza presented by Simeone Sapor (296 points), and third place to Marjorie Seduction (288 points).

  For the Adult Carnival Parade (seven troupes) the following troupes won Exceptional Prizes: Creative – Hot N Spicy, Original – Hot N Spicy, Discipline – Kiskeya, Best Performance – Kiskeya, Overall Impact – Hot N Spicy, and Best Costume – Kiskeya.

  For the Adult Overall Troupe results it was Hot N Spicy first with 254 points, Kiskeya second with 252 points, Oxygen third (229 points), Bacchanal Storm fourth (222 points), and Dominican Association fifth (178 points).

  Bacchanal Storm took first place again in the Adult Choreography category with 207 points, Kiskeya was second (183 points), Hot N Spicy third (169 points), Oxygen fourth (167 points), and Dominican Association fifth (88 points).

Source: The Daily Herald