Hunter College gifts add to children’s Christmas cheer


The smiles on the faces of these three children says it all. Photo by Robert Luckock.


MARIGOT–District Five’s annual distribution of Christmas presents to children received a boost this year with a contribution from Hunter College Elementary School of New York that sent gifts to District Five and French Quarter’s District One.


  District Five in collaboration with Foundation for Hope, Music and Development and SXM Horizon distributed the gifts from Hunter College and the District on Saturday afternoon. Some 300 children received presents.

  “The contact with Hunter College in New York came about through the Rohan family ties in French Quarter,” District Five President Paul Whit explained.

District Five headquarters on Rue de Hollande was busy all afternoon with children coming to collect presents. Photo by Robert Luckock.


  “Knowing that this year was different because of the hurricanes, the College wanted to find associations that especially looked after children, so we were chosen and an association in French Quarter. College Teacher Denise Rohan-Jones said she has a very fond attachment to St. Martin and she wanted to contribute. The Principal, Dawn Roy, asked the pupils to contribute a gift with the help of their parents for St. Martin children.”

  Whit said he was pleased to see most of the 400 or more gifts from the College were of an educational nature.

  “It’s wonderful that a college in New York can show concern for small districts in the Caribbean. It proves how links can easily be made, no matter how big the world is,” Whit added. “It reminds me of the different countries that have made spontaneous contributions since the hurricanes. I remember the benefit concert that raised over US $8,000 for Haiti after their earthquake in 2010 and earlier in 1977 when we shipped tons of materials to Guadeloupe after the volcanic eruption there.

  “Love still exists in the world. I want to say ‘thank you’ to Hunter College Principal Dawn Roy, teacher Denise Rohan-Jones and the children and parents. Initiatives like this help to build bridges for tomorrow. It can lead to potential cultural exchanges and development opportunities. I also want to thank my staff from the associations who worked late into the night wrapping up gifts. The presents were labelled for boys and girls, and with the age bracket, so that made it easier for us.”

  Added District Five board member Manouschka: “We really appreciate this gesture from Hunter College that has put smiles on the children’s faces.”

Source: The Daily Herald