Hyundai, Shell pledge US $150,000 in relief

COLE BAY–Hyundai Motor Corporation (HMC) and Shell, working together with Motorworld, have pledged US $150,000 in post-hurricane relief support to St. Maarten/St. Martin and the surrounding region.

HMC is the multinational automotive manufacturer of Hyundai brand vehicles, which are sold by Motorworld, the exclusive dealership in this region.
“As we remain steadfast in our efforts to recover and rebuild after the devastation caused by the hurricanes, we are truly excited about this opportunity to work with HMC and Shell to support the communities that we are a part of, and proud to serve,” said Motorworld Group of Companies Managing Director Tariq Amjad.
All of the relief support will be invested directly back into the community through Motorworld’s community outreach efforts. This will be done in various forms to provide direct benefits and bring relief to the community, including a mobile “soup kitchen” with distribution of complimentary soups to individuals in need of a warm meal at various locations throughout the islands.
Further, thousands of care packages with general food and household goods will be distributed, as well as items specifically for the elderly and for parents with babies who need essential childcare items. These activities will take place throughout November and December.
Motorworld will work with its staff and social organisations and community foundations such as K1 Britannia, Rotary Club, Helping Hands Foundation, as well as Government, to distribute relief goods to residents in need.

Source: The Daily Herald