Incentive prize ceremony awards 2018 Safety Fair exhibitor booths | THE DAILY HERALD

Scotiabank Manager Ramakrishan Ramsingh with awardees and committee members.

ANGUILLA–On Tuesday, July 4, Permanent Secretary Karim Hodge, Ministry of Infrastructure, Communications and Utilities, and chair of the Essential Services Committee, welcomed the award winners selected for the best exhibitor booths judged during the 2018 All Hazard Risk Reduction and Safety Fair held on Friday, June 22. The award ceremony was held at the Anguilla Scotiabank.

Scotiabank Anguilla General Manager Ramakrishnan Ramsingh said his bank was very proud to be the sponsor of the awards and prizes for the event, and that the bank’s involvement in the Safety Fair was a wonderful way of giving back to the Anguillian community. He said a safe working environment produces high morale and productivity, and safe practices carry over from the workplace to the home.

Students from the Anguilla campus of the University of the West Indies Occupational Health and Safety continuing education class won the Gold Superior Safety Presentation Award. Spokesperson for the award, student Ash Hodge, also the Human Resources Manager for the Anguilla Social Security Board, said his class of 14 students had a wonderful time creating visual displays and composing and singing catchy jingles. Their booth’s focus and message of safety in the workplace incorporated educational information learned during the course.

Other agencies receiving awards were the Department of Disaster Management, which won the Silver Safety Excellence Award; the Anguilla Electricity Company that took the Bronze Star Safety Award; Sol Petroleum, the Blue Positive Prevention Award; the Anguilla Multifaceted Professional Security Service, the Blue Safety Spirit Award; and the Anguilla Fire and Rescue Services that won the Blue Safety Innovative Award.

Additionally, two special presentations were made to individuals for their outstanding contributions during their tenure on the Essential Services Committee, the responsible entity for orchestrating all aspects of the annual safety fair. The late Hewlette Gumbs, former Country Manager for Sol Anguilla, was recognised for his sponsorship and numerous contributions which were key to the success of the Safety Fair from its inception in 2009. Marie Daphne Armantrading, who will retire this year, was also recognised for the many diverse and contributory roles she oversaw on the committee to ensure the fair’s continued growth, relevancy and success.

Source: The Daily Herald