Indigo Bay Estate and Indigo Green not bankrupt


Indigo Green development


CAY BAY–Indigo Bay Estate, Indigo Green and developer Indigo Green Development B.V. are not bankrupt. These companies, although similarly named, are not connected to or affiliated with Indigo Bay Development Corporation N.V., which recently filed for bankruptcy in St. Maarten.


Indigo Bay Development Corporation was the builder of the “Oceans” community in Indigo Bay on the hillside of A.J.C. Brouwer Road and has as principals Steve K. Smith and Marc van de Bilt.

Non-bankrupt Indigo Green Development remains the developer of the Indigo Green community on the bay’s West side and its principals are Rene and Norma Lepine.

While Indigo Bay Development Corporation clients may have suffered from its business failure, Indigo Green clients have not lost their properties; they all still have proper title to their properties.

Indigo Bay Master Foundation is also not involved in Indigo Bay Development and will not be affected by the bankruptcy, as all properties in the Oceans community are already owned by their buyers or third parties.

“The work on the construction of Indigo Green also keeps moving forward at its steady pace as they just launched their latest new models,” said Rene Lepine. “Any passer-by can see there has been more road construction completed in the last six months than at any time in the previous three, with a beautiful new entrance already in the works.”

For clarifications or information on Indigo Green, contact Rene Lepine, tel. +1-721- 543-7999, +1-701-599-7999 or at

Info@IndigoGreen.SX .

Source: The Daily Herald