Individual in drag-race group who stoned Gendarmes handed prison sentence, fines | THE DAILY HERALD

MARIGOT–A 28-year-old St. Martiner, part of a fifteen-strong gathering of individuals who stoned and verbally insulted Gendarmes in the early morning of Sunday, April 7, as the latter attempted to halt a motorbike drag race on the RN7 between Bellevue and the Cole Bay border, has been given a one-year prison sentence by the Marigot Court.

The accused was also banned from driving for six months; his motocross bike was confiscated, and he received two fines of 100 euros each.

On the Sunday in question Gendarmes attempted to stop a “run sauvage” (race) taking place on the RN7. On seeing the Gendarmes, most of the participants at the gathering left the area. One individual, however, reportedly not wearing protective headgear and smoking cannabis was stopped but refused to be controlled.

While this individual was in the process of being forcefully arrested because of his resistance, a group of about 15 persons surrounded the Gendarmes, and began throwing stones and hurling verbal insults. In the process, the man broke free and escaped, abandoning his motorcycle.

He was apprehended a few days later and charged with aggravated violence, driving without a license, and moreover was a repeat offender. The Prosecutor had asked for two years in prison.

During the confrontation one Gendarme was hit in the head by a stone resulting in two days sick leave. Another sustained injury to the calf.

Videos taken by Gendarmes of the confrontation made it possible to isolate six individuals who were throwing stones.

Source: The Daily Herald