Infrastructure completed for new Orient Beach ‘carbets’ | THE DAILY HERALD

Located at the Club Orient-end of Orient Beach, the new “carbets” will be ready for the upcoming tourist season.

 MARIGOT–The Collectivité notes the installation of essential infrastructure in the common areas for the new “carbets” on Orient Beach – water and sanitation network, toilets, electricity, public lighting, pedestrian walkways, etc. – has been completed, permitting operators holding temporary occupation permits (AOTs) to build their own structures according to predefined specifications.

  The previous structures were totally destroyed during Hurricane Irma. The “carbet” or local-style beach restaurant project is situated on parcel AW34 and will be ready for this coming tourist season, complementing the five-star restaurants farther down the beach and adding to the visitor experience.

  The Collectivité has installed eight kiosks (mini-boutiques) and two sites for water-sport activities. The AOTs were allocated by decision of the Land Use Planning Commission and endorsed by a vote of the Executive Council.

  Restaurant and shop operators can now start their installation according to the specifications defined by the Collectivité which authorise the construction of a permanent building and/or the installation of two 20-foot containers, with the possibility of using wooden cladding.

  The carbet complex will accommodate nine restaurants, four large shops, four small shops, eight mini-boutiques and two water-sports. In the specifications, each restaurant has a surface area of 75 square metres to install the catering part, with a 75m2 terrace (which can be covered) and a 75m2 beach area.

  Roofs must be blue in colour, while two other colours (optional) are permitted for painting wooden siding, doors and shutters. The new carbets will be installed farther back from the sea, providing a larger beach area and better protection against swells.

  The project is managed by Architectural Studio under supervision of the Collectivité, via the Sustainable Development Department overseen by Vice-President Steven Patrick. This project leaves a certain degree of autonomy for operators of the shops, but they must comply with the pre-established construction rules. Operators who have chosen to install mobile structures will be able to transport them to a safe location in the event of a hurricane alert.

  The Collectivité is also considering creating a pedestrian walkway or boardwalk along the beach, with two large parking areas. The objective is to allow residents and tourists to enjoy a deck along the beach. This project is still under study and will be carried out in a second phase of work.

Source: The Daily Herald