Inmates file injunction against Justice Minister

POINTE BLANCHE–The Inmates Association with lawyer Sjamira Roseburg of Sulvaran and Peterson law firm is taking Government to court because the safety of the inmates at the Pointe Blanche prison cannot be guaranteed and the living conditions are terrible, according to Roseburg on Tuesday.

“Change has to come, and fast, and because of that an injunction case has been filed against the Government. Other than that, the President of Parliament will also receive a letter concerning the terrible issues the prison is facing: terrible living conditions, no education programmes, no rehabilitation programmes, no recreation, no staff, and the prison is badly lacking the most important things in order for the prison to function properly,” stated the lawyer.

Failure to rehabilitate inmates has led to guns being discovered in 2014 and a death in the prison in 2016, while another gun was confiscated during that incident. In total, four guns were confiscated at the prison from 2014 to 2017.

Another issue that will be tackled in court is the fact that the inmates do not have full access to their lawyers, as the prison director has decided without any legal basis that the lawyers cannot visit the prison on Thursdays. This is a violation of the inmates’ right.

“Other than that, the Inmates Association requested director Rohan to be suspended pending an investigation, as he is a suspect in two criminal cases and he can’t secure the safety of the inmates, his workers or anyone who visits the prison anymore,” said Roseburg.

Many promises were made based on their concerns, without any changes to better the situation, which forced the Inmates Association together with its attorney Roseburg to file an injunction at the Court of First Instance this week.

Source: The Daily Herald