Inquiry-based learning workshop held at CNSI | THE DAILY HERALD


Some of the participants in the inquiry-based learning workshop at Venus Bay. (Anna Maitz photo)


  1. EUSTATIUS–An inquiry-based learning workshop was held for educators from schools and afterschool programmes in St. Eustatius over a three-day period from February 11-13. Teachers from Golden Rock, Seventh-Day Adventist and NuStar Terminal schools and Daughters of the King Foundation were in attendance.

  The workshop was funded by the Ministry of Economic Affairs under the Nature Awareness Project, which is being implemented by Caribbean Netherlands Science Institute (CNSI).

  Materials for the workshop relate to Statia to build more relevance for both teachers and students about this topic.

  Jeroen van de Brugge from Naturalis Biodiversity Centre in Leiden, the Netherlands, led the workshop in conjunction with CNSI. The workshop focused on how to pique curiosity among students, how to pose questions in a scientific manner, and how to explore and observe, both in the classroom and in the field.

  The participants learned how to work with different lesson boxes focusing on the subjects of shells, seeds and fruits, corals and sponges, and bones, teeth and skulls, respectively.

  Participants were able to test their new skills in their own classrooms, where the lessons and materials were said to have been well-received by students and teachers.

  The lesson boxes were created by Van de Brugge in collaboration with Statia’s educators as a science component within the school curriculum.

  Research/Education and Outreach Officer Anna Maitz stated that CNSI hopes that this workshop will help teachers in Statia “to feel more empowered and enthusiastic about teaching nature-related subjects and about guiding their students in an inquiry-based way.” The lesson boxes are available for all teachers. Boxes on other topics will be created later this year.

Source: The Daily Herald