Insel short five pilots

WILLEMSTAD–Curaçao carrier InselAir has a shortage of pilots, according to Director of International Affairs Edward Heerenveen. The company now carries out some 70 flights per day, but is four to five pilots short.

One of the measures taken by the airline is that its pilots cannot go on vacation for now. The main problem, among other things, is that a number of pilots have reached the age of retirement.

According to Heerenveen it is difficult to find aviators.

“Often pilots go to work in other countries because there are more attractive salaries and conditions. Pilots don’t have any kind of incentive to come to Curaçao and work. And they simply cannot work overtime,” said the director.

This shortage definitely contributes to all the recent delays.

“It has our attention. There are more factors that play a role in the delays, like mechanical problems. Our planes fly many hours because of our heavy itinerary,” he added.

InselAir is getting a lot of criticism about the delays, but Heerenveen emphasised that the company is not flying with aircraft that have technical issues.

Source: Daily Herald
Insel short five pilots