InselAir Aruba auction delayed

ARUBA–The auction of the inventory of InselAir by the Tax Department of Aruba has been postponed for the time being, according to a report from news outlet NoticiaCla.

  The fiscal authorities had seized bank accounts and property of InselAir Aruba because of a hefty tax debt. The amount has not been officially announced but it is, according to sources, between 2-2.5 million florins.

  The auction of the inventory, including company cars and computers, was scheduled for last Friday, and next Tuesday and Wednesday. A bailout plan of the Curaçao-based airline is the reason why it was called off.

  Tax director Luenne Gomez-Pieters also denied that they are responsible for the continued grounding of the carrier’s MD aircraft registered in Aruba, as the company had suggested.

  Gomez-Pieters emphasized that the process of keeping the aircraft on the ground is the sole responsibility of the country’s Civil Aviation Authority.

Source: The Daily Herald