InselAir makes an emergency landing

WILLEMSTAD–An InselAir flight to Miami had to return to Curaçao on Friday, after the pilots were confronted with a warning that there was no pressure in the cabin.

They followed procedure and descended the plane to 25,000 feet. During that process the aircraft lost its cabin pressure and the pilots had to make an emergency drop to 10,000 feet. They then instructed the crew members and passengers to use the oxygen masks. According to InselAir, the oxygen mask compartments were opened by the pilots themselves.

The plane was subsequently routed back to Curaçao where it landed safely. The passengers, insofar as needed, were accommodated in a hotel and left for Miami later that night.

Four passengers were treated for ear- and nasal symptoms by the doctor present at the airport.

Source: The Daily Herald


  1. this is the third time……with inselair and the cabinpressure…how is it possible? when something really bad happens? i hope never but somewhere something is really wrong!

    • Loss of cabin pressure does occure frequently worldwide at least once a day with old & new aircrafts. Ofcourse it’s not suppose to happen but it does happens.
      That’s why there are procedures to deal with it and everytime during safety demo, they explain the reason & include the part on how to use the oxigen mask!
      Good of this misfurtune was that everyone was safe and doesn’t have to blame any Airline for these situations cause propper prosedures were followed & it can happen without warning. So every pilots flying a pressurized aircraft is trained constantly to deal with this!