InselAir Manager SXM sought for embezzlement

PHILIPSBURG–Police are presently investigating an embezzlement case involving InselAir’s manager A.H. and a former employee for allegedly skimming close toUS $100,000 from the company.

The funds were discovered to be missing after an internal audit by an external team of investigators two weeks ago. Reports of missing funds had started to surface at the main office in Curaçao several months ago and top management decided to send the investigators to find out what was taking place.

They discovered that the funds were missing and sent the manager on immediate leave of absence, while the company terminated the other employee’s contract. Talks had begun for a settlement between the two parties, but management decided to go another route and filed an official complaint with the police. Meanwhile, A.H. travelled to the Dominican Republic and the former employee’s whereabouts are unknown.

Prosecutor’s Office spokesman Gino Bernadina stated that indeed InselAir had filed an embezzlement claim.

There is presently no extradition treaty in place between the Dominican Republic and St. Maarten.

Source: Daily Herald
InselAir Manager SXM sought for embezzlement