Inspectorate controls businesses and finds many infringements

PHILIPSBURG–The Ministry of Tourism, Economic Affairs, Transportation and Telecommunications (TEATT) Inspectorate conducted a country-wide control on bars and restaurants for business licences and the playing of music on Saturday, November 17.

Twelve controllers were divided into four teams and dispatched throughout the country. A total of 17 businesses were controlled in the Philipsburg, Sucker Garden Road, A.Th. Illidge Road, Cul de Sac, Cole Bay and Simpson Bay areas between 7:00 and 11:30pm.
One establishment in Philipsburg was closed for not being in possession of a business licence or licences to sell alcoholic beverages, food and play music.
Several businesses were found not to be in possession of permission to play music, and the music was stopped. They were also advised of the procedures to request permission to do so.
The inspectors found numerous violations during the night control as establishments operated without the necessary permission from the TEATT Minister played music at volumes exceeding the condition granted in the permit, played music without having permission to do so, and/or played music or provided entertainment outside of their establishments.
There minors also were found inside establishments, persons were found working in establishments without being able to provide proof of being registered as employees.
Several food-safety violations also were found. One establishment was found with no fewer than 11 food-safety violations. This case is being referred to the Ministry.
The Inspectorate will continue its programme of controlling businesses in the foreseeable future.
All businesses are reminded that they are required by law to have their business and operational licences visibly posted inside the establishment at all times.
Permit holders are also reminded that they must always abide by the conditions of their licence or risk being sanctioned. Establishments are not allowed to establish operations outside of the establishment by placing chairs and tables, for instance. The area within which the establishment is permitted to operate is clearly defined in the operational licence.
An establishment also is not allowed to play music outside of the establishment if not explicitly granted permission to do so in its permit. This also includes karaoke.
“In complying with their permit conditions and the law, businesses can ensure that they are good neighbours in their respective communities,” the Inspectorate stated.

Source: The Daily Herald