Inspectors monitoring prices of popular consumer products

PHILIPSBURG–Ministry of Tourism, Economic Affairs, Transportation and Telecommunications (TEATT) Economic Control Section Inspection Service will continue its programme for the monitoring of the prices of popular consumables in local supermarkets and groceries. The new approach is part of the Ministry’s 2017 Year Plan.

The objective is to expand the current monitoring to include more consumer items across a wider range of supermarkets and grocery stores in St. Maarten. It is expected that the prices of close to 300 consumer products will be monitored with this new approach.

Consumer items, including food and emergency items, have been placed in eight theme categories, with one theme being surveyed during each reporting period. The eight themes are dairy, canned goods, groceries, meat and fish, household and cleaning, toiletries, medical and sanitary, and baby food.

The results of the surveys will be published in the media to heighten consumer awareness, according to a statement.

The theme for consideration during April was “Meats, meat products and seafood,” with surveys conducted at 10 supermarket outlets. This month the theme is “Canned Goods.”

Source: The Daily Herald