Inspirational visit   | THE DAILY HERALD

The Roman Catholic parish was left inspired this week with the visit of ordained Deacon Christopher Gooden from Jamaica. Gooden led the annual Lenten Mission at Church of the Risen Christ under the theme “Becoming His disciples” March 25-27. Congregants of all parishes attended to be renewed in mind and spirit.

On the closing night, he encouraged all to practice forgiveness in keeping with the theme “Forgiveness as the Path to Peace”. As a father and grandfather, he shared how he has been able to practice and encourage forgiveness. “One cannot remain a prisoner of the past. Break the chains, so past events will not haunt us.” The evening started with joyful singing and ended with a candlelight reflection. Father Adam reminded congregants that the Lenten Mission does not end now. “We are now equipped to continue the mission of the Lord.” The other themes were “Called and Gifted for Ministry” and “People of Faith, People of Hope.”

Source: The Daily Herald