Instead of erecting billboards Stomp donates to kids homes | THE DAILY HERALD

Stomp with a representative of the New Start for Children Foundation.


PHILIPSBURG–Instead of creating and erecting a political billboard, number six candidate on the United Democrats (UD) slate attorney Remco Stomp used funds equivalent to what he was quoted for a billboard and donated to two children homes that are active in St. Maarten.

  Stomp donated US $725 each to I Can Foundation Children’s Home and New Start for Children’s Foundation. Stomp said he was quoted US $1,450 for a billboard and he decided to share this amount between the two homes.

  “In these times awareness has to be created regarding the very tough circumstances many St. Maarteners are facing,” Stomp said in a statement on Wednesday. “Spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on billboards is a very bad signal to our citizens in general and in particular to the many that are in need. From an environmental point of view the enormous amount of campaign material and in particular the huge billboards, is definitely not sustainable,” Stomp explained.

  “I would like to call on all parties involved to limit the amount of billboards and donate the monies instead to the children homes and other charities, like K1 Britannia and other foundations who have done tremendous work for our community during and after the storm,” Stomp added.

  “I would also like to call up all parties to recycle all materials after the elections. Many people can make good use of all the plywood that is being used now. If only for next hurricane season,” the UD candidate added.


Stomp with representatives of I Can Foundation Children’s Home.

Source: The Daily Herald