Integrity Chamber initiates investigation into GEBE | THE DAILY HERALD

PHILIPSBURG–The Integrity Chamber has decided to initiate an investigation into utilities company GEBE.

  The investigation is on the Integrity Chamber’s own initiative and is based on various bits of news and reports concerning the country’s sole utilities provider. These reports have highlighted possible integrity issues, which may have adverse consequences for the company and the country. The goal of the investigation is to determine the level of compliance with integrity-related rules and procedures within the company over the past several years, the Integrity Chamber said in a press statement on Thursday.

  The Integrity Chamber is tasked with improving integrity in St. Maarten. This can be done by investigating suspected misconduct and rendering advice meant to promote and maintain integrity within government, and government companies and entities. The Integrity Chamber also plays a role in dispelling unfounded rumours, as perceived integrity issues can have negative consequences.

  Based on the results of the investigation, the Integrity Chamber will provide advice to improve integrity within the government-owned company. “The benefits of maintaining integrity are increased trust, economic growth and stability, and a positive (inter)national image,” the chamber said in a press statement.

Source: The Daily Herald


  1. There is a list of company employees together with amounts of money they ‘repossessed’ for personal purposes.
    95% of management is involved. And that over a fifteen year period.
    The discrepancy between stalking poor people for paying small bills and stealing millions is too big.
    But what the whole population already knew: the government looked away.

    Professionalism was never a criterium for hiring a manager at Gebe. Many warned for it, and now again they proof to be right: the IT people are not in charge of their security. Nor the hired befriended companies. And the new hack is not new, but planned at the same moment as the first one. Not paying ransom means that you have to remove ALL booby traps.

    Investigating integrity is okay, but far too late, and as a lightning rod for the new hack, badly planned in publicity.