Integrity Chamber rep. profile on drawing board

HARBOUR VIEW–Government is formulating the profile to recruit its representative on the Integrity Chamber.

Prime Minister Leona Romeo-Marlin told The Daily Herald Thursday, the profile is being worked on and as soon it is completed a quartermaster will be appointed to guide the setup process. The quartermaster will come via the support of the Netherlands.
Dutch State Secretary for Interior Affairs and Kingdom Relations Raymond Knops, who is on a two-day working visit here, said the Dutch would assist with a quartermaster for the setup.

Implementation of the Chamber was a top priority for her cabinet upon taking office, said Romeo-Marlin, who welcomed the Dutch help in the process.
“We are on track with the steps St. Maarten has to take. The next step from here is to just continue that process,” she said at a joint press conference with Knops, held in the offices of the Social Economic Council SER.

“Integrity is not a project. It is an everyday business … it is in the Netherlands, it is in St. Maarten and politicians should be aware of the fact, especially in the position we have you should be an example for society,” Knops said.

He weighed in on the February 26 snap election saying he hopes it will “be free and fair” and that “everyone can speak freely, vote freely and that when it comes to integrity every politician adapts to the standards of integrity.”

Romeo-Marlin described Thursday’s meeting with Knops and the Council of Ministers as “very productive and fruitful.” Topics included the national recovery process that covers priorities per ministry, plans of approach for the police, border control and the prison and continued support from the Netherlands for the police force.

“Only through sound collaboration the recovery of St. Maarten can effectively materialize,” Romeo-Marlin said. She expressed appreciation for Knops’ “practical approach” that has materialised in the Dutch Government “lessening the bureaucracy in the recovery process.”
Knops said minimizing the bureaucracy is “all about the people and how we can help the people in St. Maarten to have a better future.”

Source: The Daily Herald