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Finance Minister Ardwell Irion

PHILIPSBURG–Finance Minister Ardwell Irion believes that former ministers should be made examples and held accountable for their actions executed while in office. 

  He made the remarks in response to a question during the live Council of Ministers press briefing on Wednesday.

  While the question was in regard to the matter involving decisions made by a former government regarding Henderson International B.V. and insurance loss adjuster Smith Orloff and Associates, Irion said his statements were in general.

  “I do believe that at some point in time, especially depending on the actions that were made and the cost that the country will have to accept or bear the burden of, at some point in time we do need to make examples of probably former ministers for their actions and decisions,” Irion said.

  “I have also seen some actions within the last few years that were made and things and processes that should have been done better or done properly and the fact that you could just get away [with it – Ed.], I believe if you follow that path, it will just continue to happen. So, I believe just like our fellow citizens who are also accountable for their actions, at some point in time we should be holding ministers accountable for their former actions also.”

  Prime Minister Silveria Jacobs said, referring to the Henderson International matter, “As ministers you have taken an oath and you are basically responsible for decisions made. If you follow the proper process – then the personal liability, let’s say, drops.  However, if you did not follow the proper process or the official process and it’s not properly substantiated, you can be personally held liable.

  “There is nothing we have to institute new to make that possible. So, if this is proven to be [that proper procedures were not followed] in such a case, then the Council of Ministers will decide whether to follow up on it.”

  She said the information on the verdict in the case had been brought to the attention of the Council of Ministers in their meeting on Tuesday, but a decision was not taken. Jacobs wants the opportunity for the Council of Minister to deliberate on the matter and get all the necessary information.

Source: The Daily Herald


  1. In fact every minister job should be a kamikaze job, which means that they do not get paid more than minimum wages, do not get incentives and do never get a job in a government business afterwards.