Irion grants extension on motor vehicle tax payment | THE DAILY HERALD

Finance Minister Ardwell Irion.

~ System at Receiver’s back up ~

 PHILIPSBURG–Motorists now have until Friday, March 13, to pay their 2020 motor vehicle (road) tax, two weeks after the February 28 deadline.

  Finance Minister Ardwell Irion announced the extension to The Daily Herald via his Public Relations Officer (PRO) Fernando Clark on Sunday.

  The extension comes after the system at the Receiver’s Office crashed for several days last week and motorists were unable to pay their motor vehicle tax for at least three days. Receiver Minerva Gumbs said on Sunday that the system came up late on Friday and motorists will be able to resume paying their motor vehicle tax as of today, Monday. “The system is now back up and we will be open as usual [on Monday – Ed.],” Gumbs said in an invited comment. “The issue with the system is unknown to me; however, the [information and communications technology] ICT Department was working diligently to ensure that we were back up.”

  In the meantime, Clark said: “The minister has decided to extend the deadline to pay the motor vehicle tax, up to and including Friday, March 13.”

  Clark said he was unable to say when the new number plates are expected in the country.

  The road tax can be paid by means of cash, cheques or Maestro Card at the Receiver’s Office in the government building on Soualiga Road, Monday to Friday from 8:30am to 2:45pm and at the Public Service Center (PSC) in Simpson Bay, from 8:30am to 12:00pm and from 1:00pm to 3:30pm.

  Payments can also be made at the Windward Islands Bank Ltd US dollar account 324800-05 or guilder account 34200-03 and at the RBC Royal Bank US dollar account 8200000403930461 or guilder account 8200000005425048.

  A valid vehicle insurance policy and valid inspection card are required when paying the motor vehicle tax. In the event of a recently purchased vehicle, a “bill of sale” is required. The cost of the licence plates remains the same as last year.

  The plates cost NAf. 12.50 for all types of vehicles and NAf. 7.50 for motorbikes. Motorists with number plates M, P, SXM, MR (ministers) and PAR (Parliament) will pay NAf. 275 in motor vehicle tax for gasoline-operated vehicles and NAf. 750 for diesel-fuel-operated ones. Motorists with R plates will pay NAf. 300 for gasoline-operated vehicles and NAf. 750 for diesel-fuel-operated vehicles. Taxis, BUS, G (group) and T (tour buses with 35 passengers or less) pay NAf. 275 for gasoline-operated vehicles and NAf. 550 for diesel-fuel-operated vehicles.

  Vehicles with V and Z plates that weigh more than 3,500 kilograms (kg) will pay NAf. 1,250 for gasoline- or diesel-fuel-operated vehicles. Vehicles with V plates that weigh less than 3,500kg will pay NAf. 275 for gasoline-operated vehicles and NAf. 750 for diesel-fuel-operated vehicles. Persons with MF (motorbike) plates will pay NAf. 200 and those with MF (mopeds) will pay NAf. 50 in motor vehicle tax.

Source: The Daily Herald