Irion wants evaluation of Secretaries-General | THE DAILY HERALD

PHILIPSBURG–Finance Minister Ardwell Irion believes that Secretaries-General of the various ministries should be held accountable and will be discussing the evaluation of these professionals in the next Council of Minister’s meeting.

  Irion said on Wednesday that this is not being done because Secretaries-General are doing a bad job, he just believes that they need to be held accountable and as a result has placed this subject on the agenda for the next Council of Ministers meeting.

  Irion said while he as Minister is accountable to Parliament and to the people of St. Maarten; Members of Parliament (MPs) is accountable to the people and Department Heads are accountable to Secretaries-General, over the last 10 years, the group that is not held accountable are Secretaries-General. “And I thought it was very important that they are held accountable,” he noted.

  The minister said feedback in the system is also necessary, adding that it is important that they are evaluated and for workers under them to give feedback. He added that feedback and criticism is one way in which persons can also grow. He identified this as one of his priorities that will be discussed in the Council of Ministers meeting.

Source: The Daily Herald