Irish Town Primary: ‘Let’s make Mathematics Fun and Easy for All!’

A pupil holds a placard with MATH as an acronym for: Mistakes Allow Thinking to Happen.

ST. KITTS–“Mathematics is just not challenging, but fun and rewarding,” – James Morris, Mathematics Coordinator at the Curriculum Development Unit, in his remarks at the Mathematics Expo 2017.   Promoting an appreciation for mathematics at the primary school level, the Irish Town Primary school conducted a two-day expo with this goal in mind. The opening took place on Thursday, May 4, at the school’s campus and concluded on Friday, May 5, with a grand Mathematics Expo 2017 March through the streets of Basseterre.

  Teacher at the school Charmaine Slader explained that this project had been conceptualised a few years ago, but circumstances had arisen that had ultimately led to its postponement. She revealed that after the two-day expo the materials/projects that were on display would be permanently moved to a centre dedicated to mathematics.

  She added, “The centre will be open to not only teachers but more importantly to the pupils who can go at their leisure to engage in activities, research concepts and play games which are designed to stimulate their critical thinking and enhance their mathematical skills.”   In due course the centre will assist and encourage teachers to use the aids available to improve students’ performance in mathematics, share ideas and teach concepts. 

  Issuing gratitude and profound appreciation to the teachers and students of the Irish Town Primary was Mathematics Coordinator James Morris. He urged the staff to continue teaching the importance of the subject because, even though many find it challenging, it holds many rewards and fun. “Admittedly we dislike it [mathematics – Ed.], because there are some complexities that we might not understand or explain. We are here today with the knowledge and understanding that mathematics is important because of its role in society. I am grateful to everyone who lent their support to this event.”

Source: The Daily Herald