Isla resumes fuel delivery

WILLEMSTAD–The Isla oil refinery Isla has resumed its supply to Curaçao and Bonaire fuel distributor Curoil. In a press release, the refinery leased by “Petroleos de Venezuela” PDVSA stated that they want to take responsibility.

A new lawsuit against Isla to enforce delivery is not necessary anymore, while the emergency plan to get fuel elsewhere has also been put on hold.

Isla stopped providing the fuel because related payments from government-owned Curoil no longer went to the refinery’s operator, but rather to ConocoPhillips. The American firm seized state-run PDVSA’s assets based on a US $2 billion claim awarded by the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) as compensation for the expropriation of properties in Venezuela by the South American country’s socialist regime.

Judges in both Curaçao and Bonaire recently ordered the local attachments lifted, where it was necessary to safeguard the islands’ fuel and energy supply.

Source: The Daily Herald