Island Council meeting to be held in Statia today | THE DAILY HERALD

Government Administration Building

ST. EUSTATIUS–The Island Council of St. Eustatius is set to meet at 9:00am, today, Thursday, May 19, at the V.A. Legislative Hall in the Government Administration Building.

  During this public meeting, the council members will discuss the Ratification Decree Mediation Points, which will also involve a discussion about the route and timetable for the return of democracy in Statia.

  The agenda for this meeting also features the ratification of the Committee for the Renaming of Statia’s F.D. Roosevelt Airport, which was renovated and officially reopened in 2021.

  Independent Island Councilman Koos Sneek said that today’s Island Council meeting is “very important” in the process towards Statia’s return to democracy. “My opinion is that it [the process to restore democracy – Ed.] lasted far too long already,” said Sneek.

Source: The Daily Herald