Island Essence hosts historical adventure for Statia’s children | THE DAILY HERALD

Island Essence’s Dihiara Pierre-Arnaud (left) with children at the ruins of Crooks Castle during this week’s Historical Adventure.


 EUSTATIUS–Island Essence hosted a historical adventure for children, which started on Monday and concluded Thursday as the school children of St. Eustatius had a scheduled week off from classes.

  Island Essence organized the event to offer the parents of these children some safe, fun and educational activities during the week.

  Island Essence’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Dihiara Pierre-Arnaud said the children learned about the nature, history and culture of Statia. The Island Essence team had “lots of fun” with the children during the past few days, she said.

  The group explored ruins of the Historical Crooks Castle. After the children and their caretakers had a picnic at Crooks Castle, the children and their tour guides went on a historical treasure hunt at NuStar playground.

  The adventure’s attendees were also afforded the opportunity to be a tourist on the island for a day, as they were taken on a walking tour by a historical guide. They visited historical Fort Oranje and various other sites within the historical core, after which the tour ended at Gallows Bay beach.

  “It was a very nice experience with the children as we all shared lots of laughter”, said Pierre-Arnaud.

Children displaying their certificate of participation.


Source: The Daily Herald