Island Governor Johnson installs Evaluation Advisory Committee

SABA–Island Governor of Saba Jonathan Johnson has decided to install an Advisory Committee to advise the Island Government on their input for the constitutional evaluation, which was received last month.

The Committee, consisting of Chairman Governor Johnson and members Chris Meijvogel, Will Johnson, La-Toya Charles, Alida Heilbron and Franklin Wilson, met for the first time on Monday. During the meeting the terms of reference were established as well as a meeting schedule.

The main objective of the committee is to review the reports that were recently published by the Constitutional Evaluation Committee chaired by former Minister of Home Affairs and Kingdom Relations Liesbeth Spies, and to advise the Island Government on how to respond to the findings in these reports.

The response to the evaluation is expected to be completed by December 15, after which it will be compiled with the responses of St. Eustatius and Bonaire, where it will be presented to the Dutch Government in January 2016.

“The population was consulted extensively…and their statements are reflected in the document. We, as Island Government, have a lot of ideas on how to move forward with the evaluation process, but it is important to also include the advice of experts in different fields of society in this process, that’s why I decided to install this committee,” Governor Johnson said.

The evaluation report is available on the internet via this link: .

Source: The Daily Herald Island Governor Johnson installs Evaluation Advisory Committee