Island Media Plus premieres ‘And Here Comes the Groom’ | THE DAILY HERALD

COLE BAY–Island Media Plus SXM premiered its first movie “And Here Comes the Groom” last weekend. At the St. Maarten Megaplex movie theatre the cast and crew of the movie stood in front of the audience while being applauded for their achievement. Many movie-goers, all adhering to social-distancing measures and protocol, found themselves enjoying the film.

According to the film’s director Latoya Lake, “The movie was five years in the making, having setbacks which sometimes made believing it would ever happen difficult. Luckily, we had a devoted cast and some newcomers who believed in what we wanted to achieve.”

“Chris”, played by Edsel Monzon, and his co-stars, led the audience on a comedic journey. The film gives a natural and interesting perspective on dating as men may experience it.

Not only did the movie feature actors and actresses who are no strangers to the screen, a few newcomers also made their debut. The movie also features the work of local singers such as Elona, Shantillia Dakey and others.

“We know many persons were not able to come watch due to the ongoing COVID situation. We are currently working on a way to allow those wanting to see the movie the opportunity to do so,” said Lake.

She also wanted to thank those who helped the movie project, including location sponsors and all those who helped with the end product.

“We have learnt so much and look forward to applying the techniques in the next project,” said Lake. “Thank you again, St. Maarten, for showing what we can achieve if we bring people together with a common goal, being to showcase all our talents.”

Source: The Daily Herald