ITEA Technology Center in French Quarter inaugurated

Assisting at the ribbon-cutting were from left: President of ITEA-SRITS Helene Hunt, Vice President of the Collectivité for Education Annick Petrus and Préfète Anne Laubies.


MARIGOT–The new ITEA Technology Center in French Quarter held its inauguration and ribbon-cutting on July 3, in the presence of Préfète Anne Laubies, Délégué Politique de la Ville for the Social Cohesion Department Dominique Blanchard, and Apostle Rosemond Romney. 

  The ITEA-SRITS (socially responsible information technology solutions) Association of St. Martin described the event as a huge success. The word ITEA is taken from the plant of the same name. Throughout the day members of the community toured the Center and learnt about the programmes. The youth had the opportunity to see and even try out some of the new technologies that will be offered this year at the Technology Center.

  Community members took the opportunity to sign up to become volunteers. There were people that took interest in one of the 35 positions ITEA currently has available and applied for a job with the foundation on the spot. They also got their children registered for upcoming programmes.

  ITEA-SRITS Association St. Martin is represented by its President and Board of Directors with financial assistance from: Le Commissariat Generals l’Egalité des Territoires CGET, Minister of French Overseas Territories, Collectivite of St. Martin, ITEA Group USA, Hotspot, Delroy Benjamin, Psalm Praise Team, and all other valued supporters. 

  A press release indicated ITEA Foundation has devoted programmes that use technology to enhance education, human services, workforce training, civic engagement and community development. The programmes are designed to close achievement gaps and increase residents’ capacity to learn, develop their skills, recognise their talents, while promoting self-sufficiency and increasing participation in community and civic affairs.

  The result is a more educated society, more able workforce, a safer and better-connected community. The Center provides the public access to computers and the Internet. We will also help develop consumer knowledge and provide easy access of information technology products and services.

  ITEA-SRITS is a foundation that aims to develop a culture of socially responsible practices by addressing the growing trend of socially responsible corporate principles in the one area in which it is not yet fully addressed: information technology.

  The mission of ITEA is to provide a forum where education, research and development, are fuelled to ignite out-of-the-box thinking. Committed to excellence, we strive to develop future leaders of our nation and the world. ITEA will be providing a variety of educational and training programmes that will serve our community. Just to name a few coming to St. Martin this year: After School Youth, Adult and Senior Computer Training Courses, Innovation and Mind Camps, Specialised Job Training-Certification Programmes, Cyber Cafe – Free Internet access for the community, recycling – cell phones and computers free or at a reduced cost for the community.

  Commented ITEA President, Helene L. Hunt : “Youth development is a natural process, but one I believe cannot be left to chance. Many Children don’t have the advantages that promote optimal healthy development. Children thrive in body, mind, and spirit when they are given opportunities to experience positive stimulation and nurturing support.

  “Many adults in our community did not have these advantages when they were growing up, and this has left them struggling to make their way in life. Unfortunately, this vicious cycle is now a way of life, it is being passed down from generation to generation. My team and I have developed a strategic plan to address these issues and more. We will continue to work hard to educate, encourage and support all members of our community, young and old. We can’t take back the past, lets learn from it and fight for our future.

  “Your community needs your help and ITEA cannot do it alone. Take the initiative and help someone in your community get a better job and make more money to support their family. Spark a child’s interest in engineering or computer science with a donation to the Sponsor-A-Child programme.

  “Do you have a business that can offer serves or support to ITEA so we can devote more time and money to education and programme development? Tell us about your business and what you have to offer to your community. Don’t have a business or not sure how you can help, talk with one of our team members, we are here to support you.”

  The ITEA Technology Center is located in French Quarter just past the car wash down the road next to the Wings Super Market. It is the last building on the left, behind the white fence at 21 Rue Chic Chic.

  For more information, contact Helene Hunt at or (0690) 10.20.68.

Source: The Daily Herald