Jacobs suffers face injuries, breaks finger in minor accident, recovering | THE DAILY HERALD

PHILIPSBURG–Prime Minister Silveria Jacobs, during her morning bike ride, took a fall which caused minor injuries to her face and a broken finger.


After a thorough check, all scans were normal and she is expected to make a full recovery. As such, Jacobs will be working from home for the coming days.

“I am not deterred by this setback (fall). I will get back on my bike. I will ride again. I will continue to eat healthy and feed my mind with healthy, positive thoughts. Health is defined by what we eat, think and do. Let’s all refocus our energies and build a healthy St. Maarten,” Jacobs expressed in a press release.

Jacobs reminds the public that this Sunday, October 10, is the 11th anniversary of 10-10-10, also known as Constitution Day. This National Holiday will be celebrated on Monday, October 11, with a virtual commemoration under the theme “Building the Nation, Investing in our Future”, at 10:00am via SXMGOV Facebook and YouTube pages.

“Let us put our hands, hearts, and energy together to build St. Maarten into a more healthier, innovative and resilient country. Every individual, government, Parliament, High Councils, Advisory bodies, NGOs, and Civil Society Organisations all have a role to play. Today is that day to make the difference. It is up to all of us,” Jacobs said.

Source: The Daily Herald https://www.thedailyherald.sx/islands/jacobs-suffers-face-injuries-breaks-finger-in-minor-accident-recovering


  1. Rey, u is a bit funny and special. vexed ? how u make an article about a broken finger into a story on dutch.

    Last time i checked dutch french side not “comparable”. French is France. Dutch side is (almost) we own becuz we wanted so. Since 1950s. Also 2011. Meaning your finger need pointing to ourselves or gov, not other ppl as bad as they might ve been in history. If blaming other ppl starts already i dont see tings better becoming independent w u 🙂

  2. The 11th anniversary of the re-installing of ordinary and cruel colonialism. What has that killer colonel ever done for the islands besides telling that slaves should listen to him, the white man?!
    In no other country there have been so many new appearances of colonialism as in the Netherlands. Just compare the situation with the French islands!
    Poverty on the so-called dutch islands is a crime against humanity. Knops should be punished.
    Never ever will any dutch government give you your freedom. Never ever will the dutch helpe us to a normal standard of living. Why is our health care worse than in european Netherlands? Equality? Never ever within the Netherlands.
    Kick the puppets out and start for yourself!