Jamaica Tourist Board targets African American market

KINGSTON, Jamaica–Minister of Tourism Edmund Bartlett says the Jamaica Tourist Board (JTB) will be using social media and other promotional means to go after the 35 million strong African American market.

Bartlett said that in addition to booking advertising spots in the mainstream media, extra effort will be made to target minority groups.
“There is a vast African American market out there along with other minority groups that we need to capitalise on,” the Minister said.
“We need to appeal to their passion points. We need to get our message of being the friendliest and most relaxed destination in the region to their doorsteps.”
Bartlett said Jamaica’s 2 per cent share of the lucrative United States market is much too low and the extra effort will have to be made in going after minority groups, including those with special needs.
He added that there are many young people who travel all over the world to participate in activities such as city runs and other health activities.
“These are new opportunities for us to build on our product,” the Minister added.
“We have an opportunity to go after these niche markets. We have to ensure that we get our message out there in an effective way, so people can understand that Jamaica is the place to feel alright. If this is done right, there is no telling what our growing potential could be.” ~ Caribbean360 ~

Source: Daily Herald
Jamaica Tourist Board targets African American market