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Overall winner Janine Mingau with her model in bridal wear.



PHILIPSBURG–Designer Janine Mingau is the overall winner of the third Creative Paper Apparel Competition, which was held under the Pavilion (tent) at Princess Port de Plaisance (PdP) Resort and Casino on Saturday, February 16.

  The winner of the most categories is Mederica Marshall-Marlin.

  Each winner will receive a cheque of US $500. More than 300 persons turned out to the show, to see the beautiful designs created by the participating designers and modelled on stage. No less than 17 creative paper apparel pieces were exhibited during the event. “The audience was wowed and you could hear them ‘ooing’ every time a different came on stage with the designer,” one of the coordinators said.

  Participating designers were Marshall-Marlin, Mingau, Joycelyn Hanley, Sheila Kelly, Evita Arrundell, Yvette Hope, Lidy Contreras and three-person team: Rosa White, Norma Morris and Ruchinela Macaya.

  For the Cultural wear category Marshal-Marlin copped 565 points; Hanley 490 points and Mingau 485 points.

  For the Evening wear category Hope received 677 points; Contreras 660 points and White, Morris and Macaya 617 points. For the Bridal wear category Marshall-Marlin received 767 points; Contreras 650 points and Mingau 643 points.

  Marshall-Marlin participated in two categories and she won both categories with total points 1,332. She is the winner in most categories, while Mingau participated in all three categories. She placed in Cultural as well as Bridal wear category which gave her 1,128 points. She did not place in the top three in the Evening Wear category, but scored 565 points. This gave her a total of 1,693 points. Mingau is therefore the overall winner of the 2019 Creative Paper Apparel Competition.

  The competition was themed: “What is the colour of love.” The first Creative Paper Apparel competition was held in 1991. Another was not held for many years until 2015 and 2016, and now again in 2019. The objectives of the competition were to “bring out the creativity in our people that sometimes they didn’t even know that they possess. And it is amazing to see what can be done with paper because when you are in the audience you would never know that the apparel is really made from paper,” coordinators had said.

  The evening included entertainment by Arias, Purpose Musical Ensemble, Magueda Jackson, Karen Cadogan, Cedric Rey and Sweet Pan Entertainment.

  Our Creations, St. Maarten Arts and Crafts Foundation, which coordinated the competition, said it regrets the mix up in the prizes and said it is delighted for Mingau and Marshal-Marlin on their accomplishments and congratulate both designers.

Source: The Daily Herald https://www.thedailyherald.sx/islands/85444-janine-mingau-overall-winner-of-creative-paper-apparel-competition