January 15th deadline for study financing applications

PHILIPSBURG–Students wishing to apply for study financing for the remainder of the 2016/2017 scholastic year have until January 15 to submit their applications.

The Division of Study Financing said in a notice on Tuesday that the application period for study financing from the Government of St. Maarten for the scholastic year 2016/2017 will end on Monday, January 15, 2018.
To apply students can go to www.studyfinancing.sx; read the terms, conditions and criteria for study financing; fill in the online application form; schedule an appointment for the application intake; save and print the application form and submit the completed and signed application form with the required documents.
Students should present poof of Dutch Nationality from the Department of Civil Registry (Census Office) or a copy of their passport; a detailed registration form from the Census Office; a valid health certificate as proof of good health; a declaration from the Inspectorate of Taxes supporting parental or personal income for 2016; most recent grades/report card, transcript or high school diploma; proof of application or admittance to educational institution; a copy of a career interest test and one recent passport picture.
These documents must be handed in on the date of the appointment, which will be at Room 10 in the ground floor of the new Government Administration Building at Soualiga Road #1, Pond Island.
The intake of applications and documents takes place by appointment only. Only applications with at least six of the eight supporting documents will be accepted. No applications will be accepted after the January 15 deadline.

Source: The Daily Herald https://www.thedailyherald.sx/islands/71151-january-15th-deadline-for-study-financing-applications