Javois wins Députée seat for St. Martin & St. Barths

MARIGOT–Les Républicains candidate Claire Javois convincingly defeated her running opponent Inès Bouchaut-Choisy in the Legislative Election run-off on Saturday to become the Députée in the Paris National Assembly for the St. Martin and St. Barths constituency, a mandate that will run for five years.

Javois captured more votes than Bouchaut-Choisy at all 19 polling stations in St. Martin with the exception of the Elie Gibbs School in Grand Case. Even in St. Barths, a normally Bouchaut-Choisy-held territory, she won more votes than her rival in the five polling stations there.

In total for the two islands, Javois won 3,462 votes (54.73 per cent) while Bouchaut-Choisy received 2,864 (45.27 per cent). There were 25,414 registered voters but a turnout at the polls of only 6,636 (26.11 per cent). Blank votes amounted to 185 and invalid votes 125, leaving the actual amount of valid votes cast at 6,326.

In St. Martin Javois obtained 2,663 votes (53.99 per cent) to Bouchaut-Choisy’s 2,269 (48.01 per cent). Registered voters were 20,215. From the 5,169 votes cast, 124 were blank, 113 invalid, leaving actual votes cast at 4,932 (24.40 per cent).

The Préfecture noted a turn-out percentage of 22.51 at 5:00pm for both islands compared to 26.73 in 2012

In a victory statement issued Saturday evening, Javois said: “I want to warmly commend Inès Bouchaut-Choisy. Despite our differences during the election campaign, it ended in the greatest serenity and respect for our respective views and beliefs and I sincerely thank her for this.

“The election is over and tomorrow the work starts. I am sure Inès, representative for St. Barths in the Economic, Social and Environmental advisory council is ready to work with the new Députée for St. Martin and St. Barths. In advance I am delighted at this prospect.

“Tonight I want to thank all the voters who went to the polling stations to support democracy. As was evident in all the overseas territories, voter participation was low. Regardless of your choice at the ballot box on Saturday, know that I will be the Parliamentarian at the service of St. Martin and St. Barths people, without any partisan consideration.

“I want to thank with the utmost sincerity all those who placed their trust in me and who gave me the most votes for our constituency. I wish to thank my substitute Micheline Jacques for all the work she has accomplished to defend our candidacy.

“A word also for my campaign team; you are formidable, wonderful people and I am more than honoured to be with you. Thank you for supporting me throughout this campaign with your tireless energy, calm temperament, and positive outlook.

“I would like to thank all those who endorsed me during the campaign, especially Marthe Ogoundélé whose precious confidence and trust placed in me went against the wishes of her own party. Thank you Marthe for showing political courage which I will always remember. I am honoured.

“Finally thank you to the Presidents of our two islands and the Senator of St. Barths whose confidence in me has meant so much. This victory, first of all represents your projects for St. Martin and St. Barths. The voters have largely confirmed the objectives of our Collectivités expressed in March. What remains now is to consolidate those projects at the legislative level. That is my role, to channel your projects through the National Assembly as forcefully as possible.

“I am conscience of the responsibility resting on my shoulders this evening. You can count on me and my firm commitment to carry them through at the highest level. The past few months have seen a succession of campaigns and elections. This is now over, and I am convinced our Collectivités from now on need political stability and peace.

“The people of St. Martin and St. Barths can be reassured that the Palais Bourbon tomorrow has a loyal Députée, working in harmony with local executives, who will defend their projects and fight for our specific peculiarities and differences to be heard and understood.”

Source: The Daily Herald https://www.thedailyherald.sx/islands/66957-javois-wins-deputee-seat-for-st-martin-st-barths