Jeanille Gibs awarded at Celebrity Experience | THE DAILY HERALD

Jeanille Gibs posing on the red carpet at the Celebrity Experience in Los Angeles, California.

LOS ANGELES/PHILIPSBURG–Jeanille Gibs recently participated in The Celebrity Experience in Los Angeles, California. The exclusive, interactive programme helps to develop experience and skills and unites performers with Hollywood and international television and film stars.

At the celebrity ball, Gibs received an award for best acting showreel out of 400 participants. She said she was proud to achieve this award on behalf of St. Maarten, as it is one of her main objectives when achieving success to be a proud ambassador of St. Maarten.

At The Celebrity Experience every performer is able to see from an inside perspective what it means to work in the entertainment industry and aspiring actors gain valuable real-life experience by performing with celebrities.

Gibs was able to work on monologues and prepared a scene for a showreel, which was filmed on set. She was able to see how the “behind-the-scenes” work takes place with a director and film crew.

She also performed in a showcase in front of more than 30 management agents and casting directors. Gibs received seven call-backs from agents who wanted to work with her immediately. Unfortunately, she does not have a working visa for the United States as yet, making it impossible for her to start working immediately. It is Gibs’ goal to obtain a visa in the coming year after she graduates from college.

On the final day, The Celebrity Experience hosted a big celebrity ball and a showcase for dancers and singers. Gibs also auditioned and got a call-back for this showcase in which she obtained the chance to work alongside a Hollywood choreographer. She also walked the red carpet and had the opportunity to network and represent St. Maarten.

Source: The Daily Herald