Jeffrey Richardson to run on UP slate | THE DAILY HERALD

Jeffrey Richardson


PHILIPSBURG–Concordia Political Alliance (CPA) founder and leader Jeffrey Richardson announced on Friday he will be contesting the January 9, 2020, snap parliamentary elections on the slate of the United People’s (UP) party.    

  He is also working on having a second CPA candidate also run on the UP slate. Richardson formed the CPA in 2010. The party became a legal entity in 2014. Richardson garnered 128 personal votes when he contested the 2010 elections under the CPA slate. In 2014, he ran on the slate of the National Alliance (NA) and received 70 plus votes. In 2016, he ran on slate of the People’s Progressive Alliance (PPA) and received 30 plus votes. He did not contest the 2018 elections as he had been ill.

  Richardson told The Daily Herald he does not believe he should be running on a party with just one or two members. “With so many parties running, it doesn’t make any sense to run with a small party,” he said. “So, I looked around to see which is the best party we can form an alignment with. As long as the party believes in the vision that we have.”

  CPA’s vision., he noted, includes focusing on social needs, good governance, relationships, education and youth. 

  “We believe in a united St. Maarten, with cooperation with the French side. We believe that anything that happens on the Dutch side, the French side will be challenged with it as well and vice versa. We are looking at reforming the laws of our country. We see the reform of the electoral laws as a priority. Government having to go through this same exercise every two years, having a new government formed which is not something that we should be doing now.”

  In the area of good governance, he said, the CPA believes in being transparent, trustworthy, committed, dedicated and having integrity. On the education and youth fronts, the party believes in sports, music and the arts, and is looking to form a foundation to assist students in the Netherlands with challenges that they face. He is also looking for a company in Holland that can solve the problem with the dump in St. Maarten.

Source: The Daily Herald