JetBlue drops SXM-SJU route

AIRPORT–JetBlue corporate on Wednesday confirmed that it has decided to drop its once daily San Juan-St. Maarten route due to under-performance. The flight, popular among local and neighbouring travellers because of Puerto Rico’s shopping pull and the quick 30 minute hop-over, will take to the air for the last time on May 3, 2016.

Source: The Daily Herald JetBlue drops SXM-SJU route


  1. Amazing that something like this takes the island totally by surprise, where is the Minister of Tourism, Tourist Board and airport on this. What was done by them to prevent this from happening?

    • How about absolutely nothing, like is the case usually.

      Where is the long awaited set up of the STA that could have started developing other markers than the US and Canada?!!!

  2. The day before USA and Cuba signed an agreement that commercial US airlines are again permitted to fly between USA and Cuba as per the fall of 2016.

    So this is only logical as major US airlines will pull back fleet on mediocre performing routes and service Cuba which is anticipated to be in high demand…..

    SXM better start putting a plan in place to deal with Cuba being a direct competitor, contrary to what central bank president Tromp stated late last year. Ignorance is bliss….